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Outdoor Winter Recreation - Stay Warm with HotHands Hand Warmers

If this year has taught us anything, it’s the importance of adapting to changing circumstances. “Survival of the fittest,” is a term first made famous in 1869, by British naturalist Charles Darwin, as written in his book On the Origin of Species. The phrase suggested that organisms best adjusted to their environment are the most successful in surviving and reproducing. And in 2020, it doesn’t hold any less true; with the current COVID-19 pandemic, people have found a way to survive the months of isolation and have adjusted to the new environment of social distancing with outdoor dining, outdoor fitness, outdoor recreation, and Hot Hands products. 

According to a phone mobility study, restaurants, cafes, gyms, and other crowded indoor venues accounted for some 8 in 10 new infections in the early months of the U.S. coronavirus epidemic. As such, there has been a new appreciation for the great outdoors. The newfound popularity of dining al fresco and exercising outside was an easy adjustment during the summer months. But as winter spews up colder temperatures, businesses, particularly restaurants, are scrambling to find ways to prolong outdoor service for as much of the winter season as possible. Relying on artificial heating alone won’t be enough; it's a costly solution that not all restaurants can afford, especially at a time when sales have already taken a dramatic hit because of Covid-19 restrictions. But with a can-do spirit and some Hot Hands hand warmers, you can enjoy patio dining or a casual takeout picnic in the cold. Would it not be bleakly romantic to dine on a thick bowl of soup with a friend huddled on a city bench, protected from windchill with Hot Hands products? 

Just like outdoor dining, health experts say that outdoor fitness is much safer than working out inside as it allows for better airflow and ventilation. Because of this, lockdown has also seen an uptick in outdoor fitness: Saturday-morning Pilates classes are being substituted with local hikes, treadmills are being replaced with trail runs, and yoga is under the stars. With this increase of outdoor fitness trending, hand warmers, foot warmers, and even toe warmers are trending, too; they help blood flow, warmth, and give you an overall feeling of comfort.

Also trending this winter are outdoor recreational activities. A recent New York Times article suggests that hitting the slopes will be a “perfect pandemic escape.” However, skiing black diamonds followed by an après hot toddy is no fun if your hands are cold and you can’t feel your fingers. So when you are packing, it is common sense to make sure that, along with your gear, you include Hot Hands hand warmers for multiple days, nights, and family members so you don’t run out. A good way to ensure that you have enough is to get Hot Hands Hand Warmers Bulk cases, which include 240 pairs.
These disposable Hot Hands hand warmers are just as essential as the skis themselves, enabling you to comfortably be outside on the slopes all day!

Of course HotHands warming products can accompany you while ice skating, snowboarding, hiking, sledding, and any other socially distanced outdoor activity to ensure warmth and comfort while you are living your life in the great outdoors. 

People’s willingness to brave the elements is not new, but the pandemic has made it essential. So put on your Hot Hands, adjust to the new environment, and embrace the great outdoors this winter. You will survive.

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