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HotHands Direct: What is Frostbite and How to Keep Warm

HotHands warmers are great for all kinds of situations, but one of the most popular uses for them is during cold weather outdoor recreation like camping, hunting, and snowsports – not to mention working a job outdoors for industries like construction, agriculture, and emergency response. In situations like these, exposed to the elements and harsh weather for hours or days at a time, frostbite can become a real concern. It’s important to be able to recognize the symptoms of frostbite as they develop, so you and those around you don’t suffer permanent injury. Before full-blown frostbite is “frostnip.” Frostnip is...

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HotHands Direct: How Do Hand Warmers Work?

HotHands hand warmers are fast, effective, safe and convenient – but maybe you’re curious about how exactly they work.

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