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Portable Heat - Perfected

Air-activated warming was developed many years ago during WWI, we are told. But, they had to use "buckets" of chemicals to achieve the warming. Portability as we know it today, couldn't occur until air-tight packaging could be developed. Air "leaking in" and activating the warming cycle pre-maturely was a problem. But not today. Now, HotHands has the best packaging in the industry. HotHands has a shelf life of 4 years or more. Please keep your Walk-Winn Plastic Co. Sales receipt for replacement.

HotHands, a division of HEATMAX, Inc., enjoys about 75% of the warmer market and is the most recognizable name in the industry.

What our customers are saying about HotHands

"I must say that personally I’m a big fan of the hand warmers and was interested in obtaining some for the cycling team."

"My husband has to have Hothands! He works as a Meter Reader, so he's outside all day. Uses a lot of hothands!"

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Walk-Winn Plastic Co., Inc.
1801 Scott Street
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501.376.0446 - M-F, 9-4 CST