With Predictability Comes Warmth

winter 2022 brutally frigid record breaking temperatures

The media is buzzing with commentary regarding the Old Farmer's Almanacs recent 2022-2023 winter weather predictions. Get ready now” they are saying, cause the first bite of winter is coming earlier this year. So along with your down winter parka, wool socks, and insulated boots, its time to stock up your arsenal of Hot Hands hand warmers. Actually, hand warmers in bulk, which include 240 pairs, is an even better idea, because we just dont know how long this winters predicted sub-zero temperatures will last. 

Long-range models have been projecting above-average snowfall and brutally frigid record-breaking temperatures! Newscasters, bloggers, and journalists are discussing the forecasted Triple Dip La Niña, a rare event that, if occurs, will only be the third time since 1950. And still other media outlets are touching on the accuracy of Old Farmers' Almanac. Turns out most scientific analyses convey that the forecasts have an 80% rate of reliability, which is much higher than that of groundhog prognostication! But regardless of all the predictions, its good to be prepared with always-dependable HotHands products! 

You wont have to Shake, shiver, and shovel!” with HotHands Hand Warmers. The toasty comfort from these disposable little heaters will help with blood flow and warmth so you will be able to more than tolerate whatever frigid temperatures Mother Nature blasts at us. 

In addition to keeping our bodies warm, Hot Hands are environmentally friendly and provide a safe and natural warmth. The Kobayashi/HeatMax® family of air-activated warmers contain a mixture of ingredients like iron powder, water, salt, polymer, charcoal, and vermiculite, so they are safe for you and safe for the planet. 

The 2022-2023 winter weather prediction is out: It might be cold. It might be snowy. But whatever happens, it will be a lot more tolerable with HotHands Hand Warmers and bulk hand warmers, because they are predictably warm.

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