Smart Spring Skiing with HotHands

Use HotHands to Stay Warm When Skiing

After a winter of traveling from your kitchen island to your living room couch, actual state-to-state vacations are looking more likely with the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine. Studies show that the vaccines are effective at keeping you from getting the virus; however, it’s essential to continue practicing all of the recommended health measures, including social distancing. So, that indoor party you planned to throw to celebrate your vaccination? Probably not a good idea. But spring skiing, for example, has a lot going for it in the Covid era — it’s outdoors, skiers and snowboarders naturally spread out across the slopes, and face coverings/helmets are typically worn. Recently, curated a list of the best ski resorts for spring and late-season skiing. So get ready to hit the slopes this spring for the perfect pandemic escape. But be ready to be outside all day…

The calendar may indicate that May is right around the corner but with snow storms still hitting areas and lots of snow still around from a cold winter, there’s definitely a lot of time left to hit the slopes. So when you are packing make sure that, along with your ski gear, you include disposable Hot Hands products. When your core gets cold your body's natural defense is to stop sending blood to the extremities and retain it for vital organs and the brain. Therefore, the best solution for cold hands and feet is often to heat up your core, which is most easily achieved by using Hot Hands body warmers, although Hot Hands hand warmers, Hot Hands foot warmers, and Hot Hands toe warmers will also do the trick; they all help with blood flow and warmth. We just want you to comfortably endure the complex spring elements of the slopes from morning to night! After all, swooshing down the slopes is no fun if your feet are cold and you can’t feel your toes!

A recent CDC report found people who got sick with COVID-19 were twice as likely to have dined out beforehand, which is why many ski resorts are encouraging al fresco dining by setting up food trucks in the parking lots and roaming food stations on the slopes. But with a can-do spirit and some Hot Hands gloves, you can enjoy patio dining or a casual takeout picnic in the cold...because you will be toasty! These mitten gloves allow for the dexterity you need to savor a meal and use your electronic devices, and provide the heat you desire with an integrated pocket to fit Hothands hand warmers for 10 hours of warmth. 

Just like the Covid-19 vaccine, Hot Hands products give you an overall feeling of comfort. And that’s a great (spring) break from quarantine. 

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