HotHands Direct: Be Prepared for Unpredictable Winter Weather

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The changing seasons are one of life’s constants, like the old proverbial death and taxes, or the soothing warmth of Hot Hands foot warmers: summer heat gives way to cool fall days and nights; then winter brings constant cold until the spring thaw. Unfortunately, things aren’t as consistent or reliable as they used to be. As this New York Times article notes, climate change is causing warmer temperatures overall, even as it contributes to sudden cold fronts like the one that caused temperatures to fall by 64 degrees in a single day in Denver last month – from 80 degrees on October 9th to 16 degrees the next morning. The same storm pushing that cold front also created blizzards in the Midwest, followed by the “bomb cyclone” in the Northeast a few days later.

This month brought a new winter storm system called Winter Storm Caleb, blowing down from Canada across the northern US. Caleb has been dumping snow from the Northeast through the Midwest despite it still being the early days of the season. Looking ahead into the coming months, the Washington Post reports that this winter will be “a volatile one,” with milder temperatures in general but plenty of powerful storms and freezing conditions to go with them. If recent winters are any indication, those storms will move quickly and cause rapid changes in local weather conditions.

Fast-moving weather systems and a wide range of winter temperatures mean that you need to be prepared. You might drive to work in the sunshine and be met with a snowstorm on your lunch break. Being prepared for any kind of weather, even when it seems nice out, is an important habit to get into.

It’s common advice to keep a winter essentials kit in your vehicle during the colder months: things like an old blanket, spare coat, cat litter, tire chains, etc. But having the tools you need to get yourself out of a bad situation isn’t much help when you can’t feel your fingers to use them. Having a disposable hand heat pack like the Hot Hands hand warmer in your winter kit is a great idea. A hand and foot warmers bulk package like this Hot Hands 40 pack is an even better idea. Bulk hand warmers are perfect for keeping in your car so you can grab a couple whenever you need them, even if it’s not an emergency: Hot Hands pocket warmers are a nice thing to have whether it’s snowing or just chilly.

And if you’re wondering what’s inside Hot Hands, our previous blog post can tell you all about it. The short version is that Hot Hands hand warmers are safe, reliable, long-lasting, and convenient. And they’re not just for your hands, either: try HotHands toe warmers and see what you and your cold feet have been missing!

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